Voice Assistants
Conversational IVR
Outbound communications
The NLP framework facilitates building conversational user interfaces with a high level of stability, providing users with the ability to use natural language commands and recover from possible conversational errors.
The proprietary template-matching engine and the system's special architecture design allow developers to build truly conversational, dialog-based interfaces.
Due to the framework's approach to template design, developers are able to create dialog flow in a very efficient and lean manner.
Dialog management capabilities
The technology allows the user to change the last decision or choice made, within the same dialog and without losing the context of the conversation.
The user is able to switch from one topic to another in the middle of the conversation and return back to the previous place in the dialog.
The technology also gives the user the flexibility to achieve a desired result in one turn. The user can simply skip all the intermediary steps and give a full request in one turn, instead of going step-by-step through the flow.
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